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Feb 11, 2016

Libya in Prophecy

What is in store for Libya? How are we to evaluate the reaction-or lack thereof-of the Western powers, especially Europe and the USA? And why are some of the comments and suggestions in German papers truly amazing, in the light of biblical prophecy? What does the Bible say is soon going to happen in the Middle East? Summary Terms: Tunisia Egypt Bahrain Italy Britain Greece France Germany EU Ashton Westerwelle Sarkozy Berlusconi Rasmussen NATO Secretary General Security Council UN military intervention Sanctions Gadhafi freeze assets punitive Finland Scandinavia Arab League coalition Ethiopia Psalm Daniel king North Ezekiel Jeremiah confederation Revelation weekly Update Deutsche Welle Spiegel Welt Sueddeutsche Zeitung Fox Oliver North sacrifices Israel temple


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Turmoil in the Middle East

Jan 31, 2016

We need to focus on the Middle East because it is there where World War III will begin. In this special program, we will be discussing events pertaining to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Egypt...

Coming... A Unified European Army!

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For a long time, Europe has been dreaming of a mighty united army, capable of intervening in "trouble spots" and becoming an undefeatable military force. Now, in light of perceived Russian aggression,...

Wrong Political Opinions and Your Reaction

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Trump Shocks Europe

Feb 10, 2016

Donald Trump won big in New Hampshire, and Europe is waking up to the distinct possibility that he might become the next US President. The reaction is one of concern and fear. In this program, we point...



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